Data Management

What is data management?

Too often, businesses are making key decisions based on data they can’t really see or understand — and that can compromise business intelligence, which is the key to retaining a competitive edge in any data-driven industry. To combat this issue, companies must take an active role in managing and protecting their data throughout its lifecycle. Does your organization have the data management plan it needs to thrive in the global marketplace?

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Data management refers to the professional practice of constructing and maintaining a framework for ingesting, storing, mining, and archiving the data integral to a modern business. Data management is the spine that connects all segments of the information lifecycle.

Data management works symbiotically with process management, ensuring that the actions teams take are informed by the cleanest, most current data available — which, today, means tracking changes and trends in real-time. Below is a deeper look at the practice, its benefits and challenges, and best practices for helping your organization get the most out of it.

No data contradictions within one data store and across different data stores.


The information your data contains is reliable and error-free.


Data is sufficient for answering your business questions.


Data is accessible and it is possible to trace the introduced changes.


Data represents reality within a reasonable period of time or in accordance with the corporate standards.


A data record with specific details appears only once in a database, no data duplicates are reported.


Data has the required format and structure.

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