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Cloud Fusion cloud computing consultants guide organizations in streamlining cloud adoption and transformation based on in-depth analysis of possible risks and opportunities. Whether cloud computing is at the core of your IT ecosystem or you’re just beginning to explore the idea, we can assist you in establishing and executing a tailored strategy to accelerate growth and innovation.

Our comprehensive cloud computing consulting services

Cloud strategy roadmap

Develop an action plan that addresses your goals and maps a path to cloud transformation.

Cloud cost optimization

Identify mechanisms to reduce your cloud spending and increase your return on investment.

Cloud migration preparation

Assess your IT infrastructure maturity and define specific actions to accelerate cloud adoption.

Cloud performance monitoring

Capture key performance indicators to ensure your cloud resources perform as expected.

Cloud operational excellence

Embrace a DevOps culture to increase agility and improve responsiveness to market demands.

Cloud security assurance

Discover your security risks and build a holistic strategy to protect your resources and workloads.

Ready to jump-start your cloud transformation?

Additional benefits you get when working with Spirelab

Strong partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform
Technology Office to help you maximize the business value of IT transformation
Cloud Center of Excellence comprising top cloud professionals to conquer non-trivial tasks
Seasoned DevOps experts applying agile principles to drive continuous innovation

Use cloud potential to the max.


Start right​

Cloud computing offers many advantages, including increased operational efficiency, huge scalability potential, and the ability to focus completely on core tasks with a cloud service provider taking care of the technical side of things. But first, you need to build the right cloud implementation strategy.


That’s where challenges might crop up, from choosing a reliable cloud service provider from thousands of options on the market to overcoming resistance to change in your organization. Sounds like more than your core tasks, doesn’t it? That’s why you need a reliable cloud computing consulting company. Intellias offers full-cycle cloud strategy consulting services, from assessing the migration readiness of your on-premises architecture to ensuring that your existing cloud system performs properly. Let’s talk — we’ll help you with any challenge.


Lower costs​

Saving resources is the first thing that makes a cloud architecture so attractive to businesses. With the cloud, you don’t have to allocate sizable chunks of your budget to build, maintain, and scale your equipment or spend a fortune on hiring a large IT team to operate your data center.


If you end up with unused and idle resources, the wrong server size, or an unsuitable cloud service provider, your cloud architecture might end up being more costly than an on-premises one. Our cloud strategy consulting experts are ready to help you no matter how complex your case. Whether you’re building your cloud system from scratch, migrating from on-premises software to the cloud, or optimizing your existing cloud solution, we’ll conduct a comprehensive tech assessment to define the most effective cost-cutting strategy tailored to your needs.


Stay secure​

Security is one of the biggest concerns associated with cloud migration. On the one hand, a cloud architecture is more protected than an on-premises architecture, since cloud service providers can make huge cybersecurity investments that might be beyond your budget. On the other hand, cloud computing is a shared environment by its nature, which means it’s more vulnerable to data leaks.


With our cloud service consulting expertise, you can rest assured. With more than a decade of experience building, maintaining, and optimizing cloud-based solutions that are secure by design, we’ve earned a reputation as a cloud consulting company that knows how to reap all the security benefits of the cloud while avoiding the potential threats. Reach out to us at any time. We’ll help you build a comprehensive security strategy to overcome all future obstacles on your cloud journey.

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